Kairest Ltd

Kairest Ltd is an experienced enterprise renting for several different industries. We offer versatile staff solutions for fast changing business situations. We help to recruit staff, and mediate employees for all kinds of part-time jobs.

Together with Kairest Ltd, founded in 2003, our enterprises cover most business fields all over Finland.

The new wage management of Kairest Ltd has made the pay calculation of private and public enterprises more effective. By request, our clients can get our invoices as a web-invoice.
Kairest Ltd also offers consulting services. We arrange parties for companies and private people – and take care of everything – from plan to realization and from dishes to the staff needed. Through our organization e.g. you can rent plates and dishes for 2000 people.
Palko Ltd arranges training for different services, and in hygienics even to the final examination.

Make yourself familiar with our business operations and contact us. We mediate labour-force for companies and jobs for private people, we educate, consult, and by request, we take care of your party from the beginning to the end.

Come and work for us. Fill in the application.